Moving dns between cloudflare accounts

I’m moving my domain to my Cloudflare account, changing the name server is not a problem. However, my site is with another user on Cloudflare. What do I have to do for the site to function correctly after changing the name servers?

Help is appreciated.


Are you adding a zone (domain) to your account or to a different account?

If the site is active on cf in one account and you want to move it to another account, you’d need to recreate the dns records and note any setting like page rules or ssl/tls that you want to replicate.

But, I am not sure if you are adding the site to your account or moving it to another.

Only the DNS records, the hosting stays on the other account. The records were copied automatically by Cloudflare, but I was thinking maybe there is something else that I don’t know.

Thank you.

What is the site?

cf is probably not hosting your site, but if you can share the name it will help

Is ok. I got it. Thanks for you help.

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