Moving CloudFlare accounts away from our former IT company

We fired our IT company. They have our 40 + domains under their Cloudflare account. Our registrar for all of these is Network Solutions, which is under our control. Cloudflare just does the DNS for our domains. What is the best way to get our domains away from them and into our own Cloudflare account ? They are not cooperating with us.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Add the domain on your own Cloudflare account.
    You will be presented with a new set of name servers.
  2. Replace the current set of name servers to the new set of name servers on your domain registrar.
  3. Typically ~ 48 - 96 hours, after the name servers has successfully been replaced on your domain registrar, the domain will now belong in your Cloudflare account, and not the previous one.

You will (unfortunately) lose your settings and so this way, and will have to start over from the beginning.

According to your own words, about moving away, and so, it doesn’t really sound like the latest part (e.g. losing settings) would be a problem in your situation.

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Thank you sir…

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