Moving Cloudfare Nameserver to Other Host

We have a client we took over in Summer of 2023.

They either had a previous vendor or a provider that had Cloudflare hold their dns records for one of their domains.

Unfortunately the management has no record of ever having this done.

so we are trying to get a backup of these records or at least access to them so we can confirm what if anything we need to manually import.

What is the best way to go about this?

The only way to get a copy of the DNS records from Cloudflare is by gaining access to the Cloudflare account the domain is in:

If the domain is not in an account that the company has access to, you’ll have to obtain the records the traditional way (check the host, email provider etc for required records).

Or find whoever has access to the account.


That is what i was afraid of. Could I have the owner of the company ask for this access? Surely this has had to come up before?

It comes up a lot. People get their websites set up for them, Cloudflare is implemented and then whoever did it disappears, goes bust, leaves the company or poor processes in company or diligence on acquisitions fails to obtain the information.

If whoever set up the Cloudflare account was doing it for the company through a company email, you should be able to access the account using the recovery methods in the link given by @Laudian (unless 2FA was set on their personal device). If they set it up on a personal email address, or their own Cloudflare account, you are likely going to be out of luck. The way to prove you own the account is to access it.


Thank you !! Outside of reviewing dns records on server and querying via nslookup any other tips?

Spamming my own site, put your domain in here and it will try to look up quite a few records (if the site is proxied by Cloudflare, otherwise it will stop and tell you)…

Look up certificates issued (may show subdomains used attached to the certificate for the apex domain)…

Check dnshistory (may give away any records before they were proxied)…

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This is Fantastic ! Can’t thank you enough for this tool. I truly appreciate your help.