Moving away from Shopify / DNS not updating

Experiencing the same issue as in Moving away from Shopify

My ticket #2463885

Please contact Shopify and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames. They will likely push back but if you get the right person this should be resolved very quickly.

Thanks domjh. I have submitted the request to Shopify and this was their response:

You did do the correct steps in disconnecting your domain off Shopify. Normally the downtime while the DNS gets updated is between 48-72 hours. Assuming you made the changes yesterday, that leaves about 24-48 hours approximately before the DNS for your domain is updated to reflect the new records.

48 - 72 hours of downtime is terrible for any business who wants to move away from Shopify. Well, I’ve submitted the request on June 1st, and four days later my site is still down :expressionless:

I still can’t understand why they insist on making this process so difficult. I’ll escalate your ticket with Cloudflare and ask them to begin the process to get this manually removed for you. This will likely take a few days.

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There is essentially no DNS propagation delay in your situation, and even if there was it should not cause downtime.

Once they disconnect your domain from their Cloudflare account the requests in Cloudflares edge get sent internally to your Origin.

The only way I can see downtime is if they stop serving traffic for your domain before they remove the SaaS integration. But again, the 48-72 hour propagation time is a theoretical worst case that does not happen in the real world, and does not happen in your setup.

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I finally got control of my DNS back a couple of days go. I got to say, wow, what a process that was… Again, I really appreciate you and your time, thanks guys!

SaaS offboarding has to be one of the poorest user experiences in Cloudflare. Apparently something is in the works.

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