Moving a squarespace website to cloudflare

Hi - I am trying to move my domain which is currently on squarespace to cloudflare and I have tried everything, squarespace are not being helpful and they keep saying I need to give cloudflare the auth code but I don’t know where to put this on the cloudflare site, I would really appricate some advise as I’ve spent so long trying to sort this out - Thanks in advance

What exactly do you want to achieve? Do you actually want to transfer the domain itself, not just the “content”?

Which domain is it?

Hi yes I only want to move the domain over to Cloudflare as Ive built a new website on Kajabi so want my domain linked to it.

Your domain already is configured for Cloudflare, so if you want to transfer it you would just need to start it at

And yes, you will need the authentication code that your current registrar issued to you.

Thank you so much I have done that now, it says 5 days do you think it could happen quicker ?

Transfers generally depend on the outgoing registrar. If they provide for an expedited transfer it can be done within a few minutes, if not it would take five days.

Check if your current registrar offers such an option.

great thanks