Moving a CF registered domain to another CF account


I’d like to transfer one of my CF domains to another CF account. The process appears to be simple, but I am unable to complete it because my domain is already registered with CF, and the new CF account requires me to change the name servers from and to and My recent CF account tells me that I need to acquire Business Plan to use custom NS records.

Actually, a workaround is achievable by transferring the domain name registration to another domain name provider, deleting the domain from CF, and then adding it to a new CF account. But I don’t want to transfer my domain elsewhere.

Is it truly impossible to transfer a CF-registered domain to a different CF account?

Thank you very much.

P.S: I looked the former posts but I can’t a find a proper solution.

Hi @ahmetusta,

I’m pretty sure this is still the case:

It sounds like someone did this recently:

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