Moved Wordpress site to new host, changed CF DNS and get 404 from new host?

I moved a site from hostgator (used Cloudflare) to hostinger.
Site was up and running with hostinger as DNS. So then changed back to Cloudflare again and added hostinger IP in CF DNS.
For 12 hours now, my website url has shown a 404 page FROM hostinger. So Cloudflare is connected to hostinger, right? I don’t understand where the 404 is coming from for the website…
hostinger tech says just wait…but I’m not clear on what I’m wating for.

ANY info would be great…i get to learn something new.

edit… somebody recommended changnig SSL to flexible and the site does display now BUT it has no formatting for some reason. all the text and photos are on the left hand side


The Flexible trick probably worked because Hostinger doesn’t have a TLS certificate installed on your site.

Now that you’re using SSL, have you turned on “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” in the SSL/TLS settings page here?

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