Moved website to new host, but email stopped working

I have moved my website from my old host to AWS Lightsail. I was already connected to Cloudflare and Cloudflare is my registrar.

When I change my A record to the new IP address, the new website works BUT my email stops working. If I change back to my old site, email starts working again.

My email is being hosted with my “old” host. I am using IMAP for email and Cpanel.
Do I need to create an instance on AWS Lightsail and install Cpanel and move my mail account to make it work or can I leave it where it is (at least for now)?


Hi @elliot1,

It really depends on your configuration and Cloudflare should not really be involved here as long as the DNS is correct.

You should be able to leave the mail where it is but make sure the MX records and any other mail related records point to the old server, it’s most likely you are trying to connect to the new server. Perhaps there should be a mail. hostname or something similar to connect to the old server?

domjh -

Thanks for the insight. I still need to test but I think the problem is with the MX record as it’s pointing to the domain name and not the IP number. I was able to partially resolve the issue by removing the mail CNAME record and creating a new A record for the mail hosting domain. I changed the MX Record too. Not 100% sure it’s working yet. I was able to send an email from the mail account but I haven’t received any email yet. Could be a propagation issue and just needs some time for the internet to update the records. I have sent from two different email accounts to the “moved” email account but those messages haven’t been received yet, but also, the messages haven’t bounced.

Thank you

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