Moved website from Google to wix, now many issues

Here is the website report :

The website is blocked to some as they cant access it as HTTPS, the report says I shouldn’t be using other name servers than Cloudflare but I need to for my domain to direct to my website

I’ve tried to signal to Cloudflare that I had updated them and it said it was updating them and to cri in a few hours for days now :confused:
Thank you for any help

You can either…

  • use Wix nameservers (and not use Cloudflare at all), or
  • use Cloudflare nameservers and set up your DNS as here (make sure the records are set to “DNS only” for the Wix entries)…

But you can’t use both.

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I do need Cloudflare I’m pretty sure for a few subdomains for my website, like ,shop., play. for the server, would all these be fine if I did either option?

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