Moved web hosting to CFP, Email address no longer working

Hi all.

I just moved a clients site that was hosted on Bluehost to Cloudflare Pages. The domain is still registered there (it’s a .ca domain)

I’ve added the DNS records to Bluehost and everything connected and the site is live and working, however the clients email address is no longer able to receive/send emails. The email is also setup through Bluehost.

The email is tied to the domain [email protected] /

Checking the records in CFP, and it appears everything is proxied and going through:

While using outlook, they are no longer able to connect to the server, so I’m wondering in what part do I need to update to reconfigure this.

There is no MX record for, which would cause email to stop working. Unfortunately that may not be the issue, as I suspect that you are misusing someone else’s real domain in your post. If you are going to hide domain names, please use one of the reserved names like instead of abusing someone else’s domain name. It wastes the time of those who would help you.

Without the real domain name, all anyone can do is guess randomly about what necessary records have been removed or altered.

I am absolutely not misusing someone else’s. The clients domain name is and the email is [email protected]. Sorry, I omitted as I thought it wouldn’t matter too much the name.

I found the MX record below and they do seem to not be setup correctly:

I concur.

The problems

You have MX records pointing at the apex name which is proxied to Cloudflare Pages. That is never going to work. No email service runs on Cloudflare Pages.

You also have MX records pointing at the mail hostname. While you haven’t shown us the A record for that name, we can tell from the addresses returned that it is :orange: proxied. That means that even if you have an A record for mail containing the correct IP, it will not work. The Cloudflare Proxy will only pass email traffic with Cloudflare Spectrum and an Enterprise subscription. All of that would likely be quite excessive for this use case.

The solution

You will want to delete any MX records that contain a target of the naked domain name. If you have an A record for the mail hostname, and it contains the IP for the customer’s mailserver, you should be able to clear this up by toggling the A record for mail from :orange: proxied to :grey: DNS Only.

Thanks for the response. For clarity I’ve included all the a records here as well.

You will want to delete any MX records that contain a target of the naked domain name.

Would that not be all 4 of these records? Not sure exactly (sorry, first time doing this)

No. Just the 2 with the naked domain in the content column.

Type Name Content

Keep the ones that contain Since they are completely identical, you actually only need one of those two, so you may as well delete the duplicate.

Type Name Content

You need to turn off the proxy (:orange::grey:) on all of the email related hostnames, specifically imap, pop, and smtp. webmail may be okay :orange: proxied, since it is only for HTTP access to email.

You are missing an explicit A record for the mail hostname. The wildcard * covers it. Unfortunately it is also set to :orange: which is a problem. Adding an explicit A record for mail will fix that.

Type Name Content Proxy status
A mail :grey:

Once you have made those changes, let’s see how things are looking.

That was extremely helpful, thank you! Lots of appreciation for the details.

After those steps, emails seem to be working.
Great to know as well. Thanks!

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