Moved to new host, can't complete DNS setup

CF is exceedingly complex compared to the GD dashboard, I’ve just moved to Hostinger from Justhost, I’ve enabled DNESEC, I have the DS code, I’m told to paste that DS code somewhere in the DNESEC settings but there is nowhere to do this, only the links below. To be clear I want my domain to stay registered with CF.

CF documentation just points back to my host specific instructions which then points back to CF…

What is DNSSEC and how does it work?

Refer to DNSSEC documentation for more information and setup guidance.

How do I test that DNSSEC is working on my website?

Use the third-party online tool DNSViz to check if DNSSEC is working for your domain. For more details about troubleshooting DNSSEC, refer to Troubleshooting DNSSEC.

If the domain is registered with Cloudflare Registrar, there’s nothing you need to do other than turn on DNSSEC in Cloudflare.

What is the domain?


Thanks! I found the documentation unclear on both ends, and obviously DNSSEC is new to me. Hostinger CS told me I needed to do some extra steps t complete setup of my website on their hosting service:
" Connecting a domain from cloudflare to hostinger only needs to add A record for a website, MX, and TXT record to connect for email service. You can check this tutorial: How to Manage the DNS Zone at Cloudflare"

The above was relayed to me after I had left the chat for an appointment, it appears to make more sense than the earlier guides I was reading, I will have to give a go tomorrow.

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Unfortunately no CS on Sunday and I was unable to locate an IPv4 address, their AI told me this might be bc it’s shared hosting? I think it might only be needed for email accounts, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when my old hosting service expires!

website is now down, I don’t understand why it’s so complicated getting CF to propagate my DNS
on new host, this is maddening

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At any rate hostinger is an absolute travesty of a company, now 4 days on, they have full access to my old host and they are incapable of migrating a simple WP site over that uses a standard theme and basic Woocommerce plugin!

How do these companies fake their way here?

what’s the fastest way to propagate back to my old host? just delete the IP address entry and disable DNSSEC?

No need to change DNSSEC, as it looks like the domain resolves, and passes DNSSEC tests.

I’d recommend you Pause Cloudflare. This will unproxy your site and leave you in basic DNS Only mode to make it easier to troubleshoot any DNS issues.

And then you can start fixing updating your DNS records here.


Thanks, I mean to say I’m giving up on Hostinger, it’s not a DNS issues but they cannot resolve the issues and finish migrating my WP site over, in fact after giving them cPanel access with my old site and full backups they haven’t been able to do it and my site went from dysfunctional (but still visible) to a white screen of death since giving them more access.

I think this speaks to a very amateurish company that has no clue what its doing and I don’t want to stay as if there are issues down the line this is what it will be like.

You’d do this via DNS records. They should all have 5-minute TTL, so any changes to go back to your old host would take effect within five minutes.


Thanks again, so deleting the A- MX-TXT values they asked me to enter should do the trick?

For starters, but you’d need to replace them with what your old host requires.


Thanks, I don’t recall making any specific changes on the hosting side with Jus Host when I moved from GD to CF.

This is a nightmare, my site’s been offline or malfunctioning for days, why can’t hosting services just be civil.

Is your DNS record set to (slightly redacted) ? That looks to be a functioning IP address for your site.

yes, those are the records appearing in CF

but I only see

Ok, that’s a start.

I’m seeing that now, too. Did you change your SSL Mode? It should be Full (Strict):


yes, you’re right! I was asked by hostinger to change to flexible, thanks


thank you so much for taking the time to help me out! My site is back up and I have some breathing room to figure things out, I sincerely appreciate it!