Moved to cloudflare ssl but browser still shows the previous certificate

Hey, so I’ve been trying to move my website entirely to cloudflare and it’s been great so far.
the only issue I got so far is that whenever I open my website and check the certificate it shows that the issuer is Lets Encrypt although I have change everything to cloudflare ssl. I have checked it from various devices and clearing cache does not help. so my question is, does cloudflare cache the certificate or do I need to do something for it to actually work?


p.s: I even removed the ssl files from let’s encrypt so there’s no way my app is still using that

thanks for your time

Are you on a Business or Enterprise plan where you uploaded your certificate to Cloudflare?

It’s good for three months, so it looks like a new cert.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.02.39 AM

No I’m on free plan, I just want to make sure the ssl currently installed is by cloudflare and not from Lets Encrypt that I used to have, I installed a “Origin Server” certificate from cloudflare on my server

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