Moved to cloudflare and my old provider remove my NS from half the the dns world


I move my DNS registrar to Cloudflare and in the transfer my old registrar removed my NS from half of the DNS world. How can I force a propagation. It’s been more than 24h and it’s not propagating. Half of the world is using Cloudflare as my NS and half of the other world doesn’t have any name server for my domain name like it doesn’t exist.


Are you able to share the domain?

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool remove the CDFlag

ALL locations tested has been updated to Cloudflares NS, beside “Basel”. Please wait a little more, seems like things are still propagating.

uncheck the CD flag options please

CD Flag is related to DNSSEC, did you set it up properly? And was it activated before?

I guess thats the problem. “CD Flag” just bypasses the DNSSEC validation. Cant tell for sure as I never had the case where someone activated it 15min before and then deactivated it and moved.

I would try to activate DNSSEC in your Cloudflare Dashboard and wait untill its propagated and then check again. Before moving make sure its deactivated and wait untill this action is fully propagated, to make sure not to run into trouble.

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Looks like you are having DNSSEC issue, as what @M4rt1n pointed out.

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i just enable it :confused: | DNSViz

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