Moved the Hosting Files and Updated the A Record ends up "Error 526" error"

Hi, I have moved couple of the hosting files from one Crazydomains account to another and updated the A Record, as soon as I update the A Record I’m getting the “Error 526” I have the proper SSL certificate in Cloudflare, the hosting guys are saying the cloudflare nameservers are not pointing to hosting dns records as well as the SSL, any ideas on this one, help greatly appreciated.


526s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 526: Invalid SSL certificates and mean you have a broken certificate on your server. You need to fix this on your server and make sure you have a proper certificate there. You can also check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates for that → search has more.

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Hi Sandro, thanks for your reply, re-installing the SSL on the server will fix the issue? I have sent them the SSL waiting to hear back from, thanks again for your message.

Yes, the moment you have a valid certificate on the server the 526 should not appear any more. Essentially, your site needs to load fine on HTTPS first without Cloudflare and then it will work on Cloudflare too.

Thanks for that, just one more question, any idea why the updated A record IP still not propagated to the New one, I have updated the A record nearly 24hrs ago.

I think that’s also a question that can be answered with the search :wink:

Considering your record is proxied, it will never “propagate” but more on that in #tutorials.

Thanks :grinning: @sandro appreciate your help

My pleasure, most welcome :slight_smile:

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