Moved? Still under CloudFlare

My domain is “Moved” because it’s using nameservers that are under a different domain (still on Cloudflare, custom nameservers)

Is this right? Am I missing something?

So you are on a business plan? Can you post a screenshot of what you mean by “moved”?


Yes, here is what I mean by “Moved”

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Yes. The nameservers need to point to the pair in your DNS settings. Unless you have set up custom nameservers for that zone it is the pair Cloudflare provided when you signed up.


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Was the “yes” regarding the business plan?

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed

Yes, sorry if there was any confusion

In that case I would not expect (properly set up) custom nameservers to raise that warning. I’d contact support. Though, you said different domain. You need to specify the nameservers listed for that zone, these are either Cloudflare’s or your custom ones. You cant mix them.

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