Moved site to Kajabi. Can't change Cloudflare Nameservers

I had my site on Wordpress and used Cloudflare as my CDN. I am on their free plan. The Nameservers were set by Cloudflare.

My domain name is registered with Cloudflare.

I have moved my site to Kajabi and they indicate that the name servers on Cloudflare need to be changed to and

There is no way to change the name servers in Cloudflare as they are set. What to do?

Do I need to remove my site from Cloudflare and set it up fresh? Very frustrating.

If your domain is registered with Cloudflare, you can only use the DNS servers that are assigned automatically. They cannot be changed manually. If your domain has been registered with Cloudflare for over 60 days, you can transfer it to another domain registrar where you will be able to update the nameservers to those assigned by Kajabi. The registration transfer takes about 5 days from successful initiation to completion due to a mandatory waiting period intended to protect registrants from domain slamming.

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