Moved server to a other hoster, should I disable and re-enable DNSSEC?

A couple of months ago I changed my server to a other hosting provider, should I “renew” the DNSSEC settings?

I think so but I just want to be sure because the website is still working (for over 3 months already, I totally forgot about DNSSEC).

I did a test on and on and they both passed but shouldn’t they fail because I’m on a other provider now?

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To learn more about DNSSEC visit

I have setup the DNSSEC at the old provider, and it seems they still work!

If all you changed was the IP address of your webserver, then leave DNSSEC alone.

The only scenario where you need to make any changes is if you move your DNS hosting from one provider to another. Changing webserver host does not require any changes to DNSSEC.


Thank you for your explaination! I only changed the IP of my server yes, but they are still registrar of my domain which of course didn’t change!

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