Moved Nameserver to Cloudflare - Images not loading


I recently moved my nameserver to Cloudflare to use the flexible SSL.

However, my images don’t seem to be loading on some browsers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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That’s okay - I understand flexible is not recommend.

But I’m just using this as my web hosting provider won’t allow 3rd party SSLs and so I’m just trying to make my site more professional looking with the SSL so flexible works fine for me.

This is just a blog portfolio site there won’t be any transactions,etc… on it.

Is there a reason why images don’t load though?

Thank You!

The article I linked to explains all that. It’s because of Flexible SSL.

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Ah I see , there doesn’t seem to be a way around it so.

Thanks anyway.

Ended up using one of those WP plugins mentioned in the article and got it working.

FTP is timing out though still - any idea why that might be do I need to amend the details perhaps?

Thanks so much!

If you don’t have a certificate on your server your site is still insecure and without encryption.


I recommend you configure your FTP client to use the IP address of your server instead of a hostname.

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