Moved nameserver to Cloudflare - DNS not updating

Hi. I’m in the process of setting up a personal server. I previously had it hosted with Google Sites / Go Daddy. I’ve moved it to Cloudflare (and it says it has been completed and checking the whois it is showing the correct Cloudflare points). I also updated the CNAME and A records to point to a new address (new server, rather than google sites). When I try and access it though it keeps pushing me back to google sites. I’ve tried clearing the cache (both in Cloudflare and my device). Does it normally take this long to propagate (over 2hrs)?

What is the domain?

Hi @Xaq - sorry, it’s rbcmvps / dot / com

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here’s the dns settings too

It is using CF (donald & wanda) and points me to a 404 page not found. Everything seems OK. If you cannot see it clear DNS cache and wait for propagation (up to 24 hrs before moving to CF, then 5 min for NS changes).

Thanks - the 404 is for google though (which is where the domain used to point to) and I’ve turned that site off - it’s redirecting to still which it shouldn’t. When I moved to Cloudflare though I changed it to my hosted server (no longer anything to do with google). Where I have the DNS settings pointing to now, it should be going through to a website (“should” because I don’t know if i have the website setup right, but it shouldn’t be a google 404).

It is not a Google 404.


Blimey… now i just feel like the biggest idiot haha. I’ve remoted into a different computer outside of my network and see it’s coming up correctly. Sorry for the stupidity! Now to find out wtf is going on with my local haha. Cheers!

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