Moved my DNS from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. Now it is broken

OK. this is bad. Who would have expected something as basic as DNS not working?

I just moved my DNS from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. I have correct A records. But Cloudflare doesn’t use them and returns IP addresses like

I am now quickly going to re-establish GoDaddy as my primary DNS because my servers being unreachable on the net is bad

I turned proxying off on all my records that had it.

What is going on here? Was a move to Cloudflare a bad idea?

When your records are proxied, Cloudflare IP addresses are returned for DNS queries so the proxy can work. When you turn off the proxying, the IP addresses you set are returned and requests go direct to your server instead of passing through Cloudflare.

Read how Cloudflare works here…

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OK, fine. But the result was that my server was unreachable. So, when set to ‘proxied’ nc -v -z <fqdn> 587 did not connect to the server via Cloudflare. I’ve set them to ‘no proxied’ and now it works as a normal DNS (phew!).

So, I had A records and they were proxied. But the result is that a DNS resolve request produced Cloudflare CDN addresses. But then Cloudflare should pass the actual request to my mail server on. And it doesn’t do that.

It’s all moot anyway, I wanted to move all my five domains to Cloudflare, but it doesn’t do .nl so I have to find another provider (with decent letsencrypt integration).

Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/HTTPS traffic (unless you use Cloudflare Spectrum). Other services will need to the DNS set to “DNS only” to go direct to your origin.

You can add .nl domains to Cloudflare, you just can’t transfer the domain registration.

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