Moved from Hostgator to Cloudflare registrar and website is not working

Since i moved my domain registrar from Hostgator to Cloudflare, i had this issue
I can access the website, but all the images are not loading
I can access the backend of WordPress but can’t post any blogs

when i test with a temporary domain from Hostgator, the website works fine

but when i use my domain,, the same issue starts again

HostGator support told me that this is a SSL problem

my URL in WordPress is but i need to make it and change the SSL setting in Cloudflare as strict

but every time i try to change the URL in WordPress I get error 500 and the website stop working

At the moment, you have SSL/TLS disabled, you should change that from off to Full (strict).

Was the site loading with https before you added it to cloudflare?

yes it was working before moving to cloudflare

can you

now it’s strict

As the site was working with https prior to cloudflare, can you change that to Full (strict)?

Full (strict) now it’s on this and URL is

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Is the site loading as expected for you?

this is loading from cash not the actual website

Can you purge cache

done now

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Site works fine for me (images and all) when I add a random query parameter to the homepage URL to bypass the cache.


now it’s working but with not secured status

Can you enable always use https?

i’ve enabled always use https but still the result is the same, does it take time to apply?

No, it should take effect immediately.

working great now thanks for the hlep

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