Moved Domain

When I went on Cloudflare yesterday I saw that my domain said “moved” I did not think much about this because I thought it was some bug when loading the page. But when I went on my website I found it was not loading. I went to Cloudflare only to realize everything was removed. I had so many records before and it seems that none of them got imported. Does anyone know why this happened?

You probably changed your nameservers or your domain expired. Cloudflare will drop a domain when it’s not using the assigned nameservers. Check the audit log for details.

What is the domain? is my domain and it doesnt expire until next year also now my records say that too many redirects were made

Well, the nameservers are correctly set, so it should not be “moved” right now, right?

I have re-registered it to Cloudflare but now i cant stop getting too many redirects

Make sure your encryption mode is set to Full Strict. But that’s a different issue from what you originally mentioned.

Actually, you don’t have any records set up. You need to add your DNS records first.

I do have records set up at,,, and And thanks for helping me fix this

Yeah, these exist and they seem to be loading fine. You fixed your encryption mode, right?

Yes I have set the encryption method

Then you should be good to go.


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