Moved domain to another account but dns can't redelegate


I have bought a webshop witch had its dns hosted at Cloudflare. So I created a Cloudflare account for myself and created the domain in here.

The seller deleted it form his account.

But now when I try to redelegate (from to the registrar won’t take this update. It just says it will update to the same ns-server as it already is.

Can Cloudflare somehow purge this information so that I can redelegate the domain properly ?



Not that I’m aware of. The domain registrar has ultimate say over your domain’s settings, including the assigned name servers.

Imagine how stuck you’d be if your web host shut down your account and wouldn’t release your domain.

Your re-delegation should replace two old Cloudflare name servers with two new ones. You only listed one change.

I might be wrong but my understanding is it is the classic issue of two Cloudflare accounts with different nameservers where the registrar/registry insists on validating the new nameservers and what is currently announced (the previous ones) and refuses to go any further because of the mismatch.

If that is the case only support can help.

Yes that is exactly the case.

Do I need take contact to Cloudflare support og my countrys registrar support ?

Generally your registrar should be the first contact but I assume they wont do anything so it most likely will be Cloudflare whom you will eventually have to contact.

OK. Thanks for the help. I will try contacting the registrar first as when I try to submit a request to Cloudflare it only gives me some options to check with this community …

Just to check, what is the domain in question?

it is

But now I just relegated to my hosting company and I am running the dns records from within cPanel for now.

But no CDN untill i get this issue solved unless I use other CDN than Cloudflare

Ohhh, Danish domain :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are quite a few such issues with .dk domains. If you search the forum you will find several threads.

If your registrar refuses - which I guess they will do judging from past threads here - you can open a support ticket at

Yeah :slight_smile:

I will open a ticket right away and then we will see

Thanks again

I’d still go for the registrar first, it is them who are the reason why it is not working :wink:

But I am just thinking if cludflare can purge this domain from their records completely then my registrars automatic redelegation system would show correct dns values.

I am thinking they cannot overrule this as the query to Cloudflare gets wrong values returned

They can overrule that just as easily as Cloudflare can purge it.

These values are not wrong in the first place, but currently the valid ones and would only get replaced once you set the nameservers. The issue is the registrar in this case.

Ok. Thanks. I will send the registrar a support request then :slight_smile:

Though I admit, that is a key sentence.

What happens when a zone is removed from Cloudflare? Does Cloudflare still announce the previous nameservers? @cs-cf @cloonan

Yes. DNS still worked after complete deletion of the domain from his account. So the information must still be in Cloudflare as when I try to redelegate the primary ns to my registrars system still tells me it will update the values to “gene and zoe” instead of (correct) “bill and lisa”… Very weird !

Your nameservers are bill and lisa? Cloudflare currently announces gene and zod and those must be from the previous account.

Again, I would bug the registrar as it is them who are the primary reason for that, however a) assuming the zone was removed I’d expect Cloudflare to stop announcing the nameservers and b) I am almost convinced that you will eventually have to contact Cloudflare.

Still, I’d bug the registrar though, just out of principle :laughing:

Cloudflare may take a while before it drops the zone. Much like the problem with

have you tried ?

is this an european domain registrar ?

Important exception for European registrars

Most European registrars will have limitations on assigning different nameservers within the same DNS in case the new domain was active in Cloudflare before. The reason for this is because our nameservers will always respond to the old domain nameserver values instead of the new pending zone.

In such cases it is not be possible to migrate Cloudflare without contacting Cloudflare support.

Before contacting our services, please make sure that any active Cloudflare account is on the deleted state. During this period you might need to revert to the original DNS in order to avoid any downtime.

In order to delete/deactivate the zone from Cloudflare, you can login to our dashboard and click on the ‘Advanced’ link from the Overview tab and click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Once this is done, please create a ticket to support from the Old zone asking the domain to be purged. Only then Cloudflare will be able to respond to the new pending zone nameservers and allow these registrars altering the nameservers.


Yes it is european

I already been in touch with Cloudflare support. They have now purged the account so now I am just waiting for it to propagate

Thanks to you all (and Cloudflare support) for extremely fast help :slight_smile: