Moved domain. Some A records not working when Proxied


I’ve just moved a domain over to Cloudflare which has a number of A records which point to virtual hosts on my home development server.

Some are working fine as they are, but some will only work if I change the Proxy status to DNS only. As these accounts are on my home server I really would like to hide the static IP address at my home for obvious reasons.

The website of the domain I have moved is hosted on another server which has cpanel/whm which is where I managed the dns zone. I have tried removing the A records from the WHM panel, but this appears to have not made any difference.

Odd that some work being proxied and some don’t. I’m so confused!

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Can you more explicitly define what you mean by not working?

I can readily think of two common scenarios that “don’t work” when proxied.


Thank you for your reply which set me off in a direction where I have resolved the issue.

On my home development I had some my sites secured with SSL via lets enrypt , and it was these which has a subdomain specific SSL cert being used which caused the issue. The flexible SSL encryption was also being used from Cloudflare.

After removing the SSL setup on my development server everything is working fine and all proxies are working.

Flexible is not the correct choose when the origin accepts SSL, instead it should be full or full full strict.

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Hi cscharff,

Not sure I should do that as the main website for the domain name which I moved is hosted on another server.

If I setup the SSL with the origin of my development server, would the main site no longer work correctly under SSL ?

I’m new to this stuff, so apologies in advance for stupid questions.

Why would the main site not work correctly just because you used TLS on another site?

Use TLS everywhere. Don’t use Flexible.

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