Move website to new account

I need to move a domain’s DNS and website to a new Cloudflare account.
I’ve found a Cloudflare document that talks about moving a domain (DNS?) but no mention of a website and subscription.

How can I move the website?
For the subscription I can simply setup new billing details, so I assume no problems there.


You’re really just starting from scratch at the other account. The only thing you can easily copy over is DNS:

Do you know of any way to export or copy the website? Perhaps via a backup process?
I don’t have access to the source account to see the website resources, and am new to Cloudflare. Would it be a lot of work or hassle for the source account holder to perform an export/copy/backup?
Surely the website is just files sitting in Cloudflare somewhere that could be easily moved to a new location?


They are not. Cloudflare is not the web host; it just proxies content, and some data may be cached, but they are not files in a readable directory structure.

That was a bit of a newb question wasn’t it :rofl:
Thanks - I’ve since been able to trace the website to VPS hosting. Now to start the process of requesting the source account holder to provide a copy of all the website assets so that we can rebuild it elsewhere…

Thank you so much for your help (and very quick response).


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