Move to new server


We recently moved server for 1 site.

So we updated the server IP address in DNS records to the new IP address.

And we’ve been having very strange problems since: analytics isn’t working properly, conversion data is not passing through the site. Split testing isn’t right.

We are having a hard time working out what is up and have deleted the cache many times.

Can you check our set up to see if it’s done right?


I’m not sure which zone you are referring to, but if it’s the one you updated DNS records for most recently they are pointing to an IP that doesn’t work. You may need to check the origin and make sure that the IP is correct.


Ok so as I don’t want to share the details publicly, it’s the one that was recently updated, yes.

The IP resolves to

When we migrated to this server we just replaced the IP address of the previous server with the IP address of the new server.

The site was operational but experienced many tracking and analytics issues. So is this the right way to move to a new server? Do we need to flush DNS cache or something else?

Because it didn’t work. So now we are not using Cloudflare for this website.


Cloudflare is acting as a proxy, so when you change the IP address of where we’re pointing in the DNS settings all that happens is we change where we send the requests from the former IP to the new one. None of the other settings associated with the domain should be impacted.

Can you describe the issues you are having around analytics, split testing and conversion data? Is this possibly because you were previously storing the true visitor IP and on the new system are not? If not, additional details about the problems you are seeing may be helpful for diagnosing the underlying issue.