Move the nameservers from Cloudfare back to default?

I am hosting my website through Hostgator and the domain is with Go Daddy. My website developers (cannot get hold of them!) moved everything to Cloudfare for free SSL certificate! My website is down for the past three weeks, how do I move the nameservers from Cloudfare to default? Please Help!

For starters, get new developers, as they obviously have no idea what they are doing (Cloudflare can’t be used for SSL).

As for your question, just change the nameservers at your registrar. What’s the domain?

Assuming you mean, the registrar will be Godaddy. Apart from that being a horrible choice of a registrar (there are much more competent registrars out there with a much more attractive pricing), you’d need to log into your registrar site and change the nameservers to your host’s nameservers. Your host should be able to provide you the details here.

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Well, you need to get the nameservers from your host, which you then set at your registrar.

Cloudflare is only here because you are currently using their nameservers, which you don’t want to use any more.

In short, get the nameservers from your host and then set them at your registrar.

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No worries, but this is not really a Cloudflare related issue. So if you need to clarify details, it’s best to discuss this at StackExchange or Reddit for example. But your host and your registrar should really be able to provide you with all the necessary steps.