Move Site from one cloudflare to another cloudflare account

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When I was given access to one of customers dns’s in Cloudflare by their software company they added it to my private Cloudflare account and not my business one. The software company is a pain to deal with and was hoping there I could simply move it to my business account without engaging them

Is there a way to move a site from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account without resetting everything up and changing nameservers?

Why not just add your account as an administrator to their account? So much easier than switching accounts. Alternatively, while you mentioned you didn’t want to change name servers etc. if you export the zone file then upload to your private account, it’s only a few click of the mouse.

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thanks for your reply. maybe I didn’t word my request well. I want to move a site from my private account to my business account to keep all my business customers together and private stuff private.

so if I understand your response correctly, then id be giving my business account access to my private account. This I definitely don’t want to do

if you export the zone records and import into the new tenant, Cloudflare gives you new nameservers. problem with this is i’d then need to go back to the software company to change this as they ultimately control the domain

Ideally, each client can have their own accounts makes billing much easier then add yourself as administrator. The other accounts would have no access to your private account unless you add them as an administrator.
Then you can quickly switch accounts image

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You’re kind of stuck here. The only transfer procedure Cloudflare documents basically requires you to start from scratch in the new account:

The only other way this could be possible, though I’ve never seen it done, is to ask Support to transfer it, but that’s tricky, as it’s two separate accounts they would need owner verification from.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

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that’s what I came up with. I think the logical/easy path is to go back to the software company and delegate the work account access as well. was just trying to avoid it


not a bad tip. thanks


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