Move settings from one domain to another (same account)

The company I work for is rebranding. They want me to change our url from ultyresults-dot-com to uap-dot-com. Both domains are registered with Cloudflare. Both exist in the same Cloudflare account. The origin is not changing, just the url people use to find their way to it.


  • Is there an automated way to move all the dns-settings and page-rules from old url (ultyresults) to new url (theuap), or do I need to move each one by hand?

(once the new URL is up, I’ll add a page-rule to the old URL to redirect to the new one; that bit I’m okay with! :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately, no. There’s Terraform, but you’d spend more time setting that up than if you just manually toggled settings in the new domain to match the old domain. Open up two browser windows (one for each domain) and flip through all the settings pages in parallel.

Thanks @sdayman for the rapid response. I thought that might be the case (though obvs hoped otherwise!).

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