Move plan from one domain to another one


We are having 2 domains with Cloudflare, let’s say and is almost like a static website and under free plan. is dynamic site and under business plan (mainly for load balancer feature).

We’d like the web site on to move to, and so still use features from business plan from for

Is such this transition possible and how to do it smoothly in production without interruption?

Thanks for any clue.


Do you mean moving the content from to Or do you mean moving to the free plan, and to the business plan?

For the latter, AKAIK, you would need to sign up to the business plan, then move to the free plan. Billing is month to month, so there should be no changeover costs if you do it on the last day of billing.

If you mean adding to the business plan so that it and are on the same paid tier, then that’s different again: the plans are billed per domain, not account.

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