Move Nameservers to CloudFlare or keep Nameservers at SiteGround

Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding my nameservers. For the fastest and best performance regarding website speed should I move my nameservers to Cloudflare or KEEP it at SiteGround?

I’m hosted with SiteGround and they offer the “Railgun” premium feature from Cloudflare for customers who keep their nameservers at Siteground while integrating through their cpanel/sitetools with Cloudflare CDN. But this means my nameservers are at Siteground to make use of this free feature

I would like to know its faster to keep my nameservers as is at Siteground by making use of the free “Railgun” premium feature compared to moving my nameservers to Cloudflare and then losing the railgun feature as the railgun feature is only included in much more expensive plans.

I have the Cloudflare PRO package at SiteGround and if I move I will also get the PRO package at Cloudflare.

What do you all recommend?

I look forward to getting your opinions :slight_smile:

Railgun is pretty nice. I’d say that as long as your site is still working with Railgun, leave it as is.

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