Move Nameservers from Domain Purchased in Cloudflare to Siteground?

Hi everyone.

I have a domain name that I purchased in Cloudlfare, so everything tied to this domain lives in there. I am working with an agency and they have built the website in Siteground. They would like me to move my nameservers to their hosting environment in Siteground. They gave me the URL/IP for NS1 and NS2. I made this change in my DNS by adding the @ and then the NS record. They’re not seeing anything on their end yet. What am I doing wrong, or is there additional customization needed?

Terms of Service 6.1 for Cloudflare-registered domains prohibit name server changes. You’d have to transfer the domain registration elsewhere.

Generally, though, you should be able to update your DNS records here to match the ones Siteground provides.

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