Move my domain from Godaddy through cloudflare to bluehost

I have moved my Domain to Bluehost from GoDaddy but my email is not migrating correctly. I talked with Bluehost and they said that my MX file name must be @ but when I try to enter @ into the name field it reverts back to my domain name. How do I get around this.

That is expected.

What email issue are you encountering?

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Cannot send or receive email.

Best bet is to go through that tutorial and make sure your dns records are correct

I am still not able to receive email. I’ve attached screenshot of my DNS record. Any help would be appreciated. Please remember that my domain is hosted through bluehost.

I am able to telnet to the mail hostname in your MX record and start an SMTP conversation. This suggests that you should be able to receive mail if you have create a mailbox on that server.

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