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I have moved the infinityfree hosting site to bigrock and after that, changed the nameserver. I want to know how to point Cloudflare to my new nameserver (bigrock) and how to remover old nameserver?

Please guide me.

Cloudflare behaves like a DNS provider. You need to use Cloudflare’s name servers for that domain, and then make sure your DNS records here match those of your new hosting server.

Thanks for your response.

But as I can see here the Cloudflare still detecting an old hosting server DNS. How can I set that new hosting server DNS to the Cloudflare?

What’s the domain? this my domain.

I have few minutes ago set the Cloudflare DNS to my my domain DNS instead of Hosting server.

Actually I have bought the domain from godaddy and using the hosting server is Bigrock.

You’re currently using Cloudflare name servers. And the site is showing for me.

Because I had changed again and now removed cloudflare due to it’s again pointing old Hosting server. I am using my site without cloudflare.

What if I remove site from the cloudflare and add again?

Is this method work for it?

If you’re using Cloudflare and it’s pointing to the old hosting server, you need to update your DNS entries in your Cloudflare account to match the DNS records at your new host.

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Thanks sdaymanMVP
It’s done automatically, I don’t know-how. but now showing working fine.

Thanks Again.

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