Move domain

I have an account with my personal domain on which I also added two domains for an organization I helped start. I’m trying to move my personal domain to another Cloudflare account so that I can keep the billing separate. I followed Cloudflare’s instructions for moving a domain between Cloudflare accounts, but when I get to the step of changing my nameservers, Cloudflare won’t let me because I’m on a free plan. I can’t transfer the domain under Domain Registration without moving it under Websites, and I can’t move it on Websites without changing the nameservers. Is there any way to move my domain without transferring it to another registrar?

Unfortunately, no. This has nothing to do with plan level. It’s just a limitation of the registrar service here.


If the domain is registered with Cloudflare and you need to change accounts, the only way to do that at this time is to transfer the domain to another registrar and add the domain to your personal account. If you wish to resume domain registration with Cloudflare, you can transfer the registration to your personal Cloudflare account later.


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