Move domain to cloudflare from namecheap

I am trying to move my domain to Cloudflare. I want to change the registrar, not just the DNS.

The domain is unlocked and I have an authorization code from the current registrar. I don’t know where on Cloudflare I need to go to move the domain to Cloudflare.


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Following - I also want to move from Namecheap

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Go here,

Select manage domains and select the domains that you want to move to Cloudflare registrar.

Can each of you share the domain names in question if you run into any issues and we can investigate?

You can not only move the registrar. When you use Cloudflare’s as your registry, then you have to use Cloudflare’s DNS server per the Terms of Service section 7.2

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I want to move the domain to Cloudflare specifically because I want to use Cloudflare DNS.

First of all my domain is not listed in manage domains.
When I do select the domain from the main screen it goes on about changing the DNS servers. I want to move the domain to Cloudflare because namesheap does not allow changing the nameservers from their own.
Besides, I moved all my other domains from other registrars to Cloudflare with no problem.
Cloudflare seems to be stuck in a state that only allows changing the nameservers at name cheap.
■■■■, it’s easier to just delete the entire domain and redo it on Cloudflare.

Under Transfer Domains for your account @larry10 I see 3 domains, two are unsupported TLDs and one has a hold. Your current registrar will remove that hold if you ask them. Of all the zones in your account, I do see the one from namecheap showing a pending nameserver update.

As @Cyb3r-Jak3 indicted you need to first add the zone (site/domain) to cf and change nameservers before your can move to cf registrar.

That’s not the answer, sorry. You’d need to move it to a registrar that supports changing nameservers, add to cf, change the ns and then transfer to cf registrar. If you delete and re-add, you’ll end up stuck in the same spot. I know that is a pain as it will introduce other transfer locks due to icann regulations.

If you can verify the domain in question I can validate the above to see if there is another workaround that I am not seeing at the moment

The domain is

I was able to finally get the nameservers changed to cf.

At one point I put the domain up for sale. I think that is holding things up. There appears to be no way of removing the for sale status of a domain. I may have to let the sale expire in May.

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