Move domain from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account


I have been with Cloudflare for a long time and it is still impossible to move domain name from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account.
That is, unless I am missing something?

Here is my setup:

  1. I have registered with Cloudflare Registrar via my private Cloudflare account
  2. I want to move to my business Cloudflare account

Yes, there is a guide here - but the steps here does not solve problem.

According to the guide, I must disable DNSSEC. Done.
Under Transfer Your Domain pt. 3 the guide says:

“Log in to your domain registrar account and update the nameservers to the provided Cloudflare nameservers.”

The problem is: This guide assumes you have access to edit the DNS servers. However, I do not have access to do that in Cloudflare Dashboard because I am a Cloudflare FREE customer. You can only edit DNS Servers if you have a Cloudflare BUSINESS account type.
The FREE account does not allow you to edit the DNS servers!

So, to solve this should I really have to upgrade my Private (FREE) Cloudflare account, to a BUSINESS Account, just to shut this newly upgraded account down, after I have moved the domain?

SSomeone else explained this very problem, but the Solution there provided is still incorrect:

Cloudflare, please help :sob:
At least, allow users to update DNS servers on the Free account to other Cloudflare DNS servers.

Help, help, help.

You’re not missing anything; you still can’t do this (not even on a Business account).

Open a Registrar ticket from the dashboard, because you can’t do it yourself.


@i40west - Wow! This has been a requested feature for almost as long as I have been with CF.

Still. No. Dice.

Thanks for the quick response, though.
I have 10 domains or so. Happy customer support coming up.

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