Move CF domain into new account

I cannot figure out how to move a clients CF account into my account…Most documents talk about what to do when you don’t have access. This is all I see that talks about if you do have access (which we do):

“If you have access to your existing/old account, you can transfer the Cloudflare account settings manually along with the domain.”

I can’t find these setting anywhere. I’m not really sure if it makes sense, because the client doesn’t want to pay for her own account anymore.

I need to get one domain into my account.

  1. Accounts are free. Unless it’s Pro, then you pay per domain. If they don’t want to pay, they can downgrade their account.
  2. Moving a domain into your account is pretty much starting from scratch. +Add Site, then change name servers at the registrar. Export/Import DNS records from DNS (Advanced) saves some effort. Their “settings” statement did say manually, which means eyeballs and fingers to make the new account settings look like the old ones.

Tried Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts – Cloudflare Help Center?

Which guide you used that mentions moving settings?

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