Move a test sub domain only to cloudflare

We are looking to move our domain to cloudflare.
We have Sandbox, uat and prod, and need to work out the ins and outs of IP address traffic flows from, to maintain integrations.

We’d like to move one subdomain first eg, our domain registrar supports unique name servers for subdomains so we know that part will work

My question is what setup do we need at cloudflare?

add a website as as the root?
add as the root and then add dns entries for the sub domain?
if this option is required, will adding to cloudflare impact on out other subdomains remaining with the other name server?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

What you are describing is known as a partial (CNAME) setup and requires a Business or Enterprise subscription.

Start here :point_down: and follow links as needed.

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