Most websites using Cloudflare shows extremely slow speed (<100 kbps) with JioFiber?

Dear Clouflare Community/Team,

I have been experiencing extremely slow speed on most websites which uses Cloudflare when I am accessing them using my JioFiber connections.

I have performed various tests to rule out any potential local issues on my end, such as checking my router settings, ensuring all devices are up to date, and running speed tests which indicate that the JioFiber connection’s download and upload speeds are meeting the expected levels. The issue seems to specifically pertain to the loading times of certain websites.

The same websites when I accessed using other internet service provides (Airtel Xtreme fiber) shows normal speed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your valuable suggestions this issue.

The problems with Jio have been happening intermittently for quite some time now.
In the past, the answer has generally been that the issue is with Jio’s network, and I doubt that’s going to be any different now.

See also:


The solution is still pending and I have no idea what they are doing and they are daily sending me emails about this test that test , but no resolution so I don’t think there will be any solution as they might limit the network for indian jio users or full indian will be blocked gradually.

Note: The problem of slow speed at Jio is limited to the Cloudflare Free Plan.

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This is actually happening with all plans, I have visited several other websites (having pro plan) and the issue is the same as in case of free plan. ([Visit](

This site isn’t using Cloudflare right now. Your origin server (212.243.XXX.XX:443) is epic slow.

This is not my website. This website shows cloudflare message sometimes. The website shows great speed while accessing through other ISP.
My own websites which are on cloudflare and showing slow speed when connected through Cloudflare and accessed using Jio internet. Other internet service providers doesn’t have such issue.

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