Most of the DNS records not shown in dnschecker

Records are synced from Cyberpanel with API key. I can see that all records are synced to Cloudflare, and I have set email related records to DNS only. There is in total 8 DNS TXT records, but only one is visible in dnschecker. I’m confused why. What different reasons could there be for this? Web site is working, but problem is to set up emails.
domain name is

thank you!

Here is DNS records in Cloudflare and dnschecker

See answer to a similar question here. In short, your checker will only show the apex domain records, not records that use a subdomain unless you specifically query for them.

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OK, thank you!

So my problem is not related to that. Problem is that I can receive emails, but not send. I have followed instructions, but without success.
Here is my CyberPanel email log:

Sending emails and being unable to connect to Google is unrelated to your own DNS. DNS will only come into play when connected and the Google server is checking SPF, DKIM, etc. You can’t even connect.

Check your host allows outbound connections to port 25 - many hosts block this by default and only allow on request.


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