More triggers, variables and events

One of the main advantages in using Google Tag Manager, is the possibility to enable lots of variables, without needing to create custom js code.

This triggers / variables could be used and/or combined to register events in analytics tools. Ex:

  • Scroll depth
  • Video Plays from YouTube: play, pause, completion, etc.
  • User activity check: mouse movement, clicks, keyboard, touch gesture, etc.
  • Offsite / exit clicks;
  • Anchor / Jumplinks
  • Tabs / accordion content
  • Lightbox / slideshow / carousel interactions
  • Dropdown expanding
  • Adblock detection
  • Etc.

I understand that some of this might not match the exact purpose of Zaraz right now. But since i can’t use GTM inside Zaraz (it’s redundant), it would be great if Zaraz could provide some of these simple tools, to help publishers and marketers with analytics integrations.