More than 6 hrs Down

When will you restore service 100% - this is unacceptable - seems like the small business accounts are all bundled on one server - my site been down more than 6 hrs.


Sorry for the issue, I suspect it’s related to Cloudflare Dashboard and Cloudflare API service issues

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All broken here, when does it work again?

Wonder if I changed back the DNS pointing to my hosting company from Cloudflare would fix the problem or Do I have to stop using Cloudflare first and go back to the old way?

Wonder if the business that are paying $200 or more per month got effected:)

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It’s global, all users, any plan, having issues with the API and Dashboard.
That being said, Edge Traffic should be mostly unaffected. Existing DNS Records will continue to be served, proxy works, etc. This very website is behind CF Proxy. It’s just viewing in the dashboard/editing/modification (control plane) which is broken for some services, and spotty for others.

If you need to urgently change a DNS Record, and your domain is external (not at CF), you could potentially change the nameservers, yes. However, nameserver propogation can take hours.


Just started working:)

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I’m seeing it affecting more than the API as such. For example, doing a dig to try to get CNAME records, which I can see in the web UI, gets no joy. In fact, the name server isn’t even picking up the phone:

nslookup -type=cname
Address:        2606:4700:50::adf5:3a6a#53

*** Can't find No answer

(The bulletin board software added the http: there; it’s not a mess-up on my part)

If it was added during the incident, any DNS Updates are currently offline, as per DNS Updates on:

If it was added before the incidient, if it’s proxied, or you have DNS Flattening enabled, it would be -type=a, not cname.

That no answer though is different, are you sure that domain is active on Cloudflare, and was before the incident started? hmm, it would be helpful if you could share the real domain name that should have the cname.

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Ah! Thank you, my ignorance is showing. The CNAMEs are all proxied; so I guess that means they’re only a CNAME inside Cloudflare, so to speak, and otherwise just show up as an A record when looked up?


That is correct. Proxied :orange: CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records.


as a customer and shareholder, this length of down time and issues is very concerning.

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My site began seeing issues this afternoon, after thinking it was an update on my internal node I rolled it back and went from a bad gateway to an Cloudflare Tunnel error message. This has effectively shut me down till it’s resolved.

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