More than 11 days without fixing the problem

I upgraded to Pro plan 8 day ago, but many of the setting still ask me to upgrade to Pro plan. I opened a ticket 8 days ago and Cloudflare haven’t fixed the problem. How can I escalate the problem?

What is your ticket number?

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This is a Community forum. If you describe the problem, somebody may be able to assist you very quickly.

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I do not see a ticket under the account you are using here, nor do I see any zones (domains) associated with that account.

I do this

And also please share that ticket number.

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I had the Pro plan through LiquidWeb, but I noticed that getting the Pro plan through LiquidWeb I wasn’t getting all the benefits of the Pro plan.
Last night (Dec 8th) I canceled the Pro plan through LiquidWeb and purchased the plan directly through Cloudflare. The Overview does show that I have the Pro plan, but some settings still ask me to upgrade. For example, on Speed Optimization, Custom Pages, Security Bots and others.

Ticket # 2642483

Understood & thank you. Yes, partners often use similar names for their offerings, bundling with features they offer, but they are usually not on parity with cf plan levels.

The email used on that ticket does not correspond to the email you are using here. If you logout of the Community and then if you login at you can sso into the community by selecting Community from the Support drop down, then Cloudflare Community and click login again to activate the sso.

Short answer to your question is

Those partners will often also charge different prices for plans that use similar names. That is a transaction with the partner, not with Cloudflare. Cloudflare Pro plan is $20 and includes the features listed on our plans page,

I have added myself to your ticket, can you reply to the ticket from the account you are using here so that my colleagues in Support can see the relationship between the accounts?

That’s because I can’t log in to the community with my Cloudflare account. I open a thread about this problem:

I’m unable to login to the community with my Cloudflare account - General / Dashboard - Cloudflare Community

I know that, that’s why I cancel through Liquidweb and purchase the Pro plan directly through Cloudflare, and that’s when the problem started.

Is there a way to change the title from 8 days to 11 days? or just wait until I get banned for making public Cloudflare’s lack of customer support?

I still haven’t got any solution to my problem or any information on when the problem will be solved. No communication at all.

Is there a way to change the title from 8 days to 11 days?

I changed the title

Problem fixed. Thank you!!

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