More selective Argo and Argo Tunnel options

  1. The ability to use the Argo subscription to allow Argo tunnels even when Argo Smart Routing (the Traffic feature) is deactivated. The origin protection features should not necessarily depend on a (much more expensive) performance enhancement feature. Raising the base price of the subscription to accommodate this would be reasonable.
  2. Per-subdomain or even per-path limitations on when Argo routing is used or bypassed. See also these topics that weren’t posted as feature requests here, but may have been logged as such via support cases:
    a. Argo for a single domain without its subdomains
    b. Disable Argo on a subdomain
  3. Billing caps or other solutions to limit excessive Argo traffic usage; see these other feature request topics and the linked references therein:
    a. Argo capped billing thresholds
    b. Bill warnings and invoice controls

If #1 and #2 should be split into separate topics, let me know; they are related, but I don’t know if they would be tightly coupled, which depends on the actual implementation by architects and engineers. #3 might be less of a technical challenge, and already has an (unacknowledged) feature request here.