More R2 ghost objects/files

I appear to be running into the exact same phenomena referenced at R2 ghost file phenomenon and unable to delete r2 bucket or worker.

I have currently have two buckets, one of which functions correctly, the other of which has a a handful of completely invisible files. Uploading other files functions perfectly, and those files are listed correctly, and can be removed. This still leaves me with 4-8 files with unknown names that I have no way of deleting, and cannot delete the bucket since it isn’t empty.

I’ve used the web dashboard, Minio’s `mc’ utility, and the aws cli utility, none of which show any remaining files, except the dashboard still shows space is being used and refuses to delete the bucket.

I have no idea why object storage systems all seem to be set so a non-empty bucket cannot be deleted, but until this issue is fully worked out, I would suggest allowing it as a workaround, or preferably as a permanent option.

Any help would be appreciated.

@vlovich, from the posts I linked, it seems you’re involved in the work on this, so I’m tagging you here as an FYI. Apologies if that’s inappropriate in this context.

May I ask, how large were the objects by their size? Kb, Mb, or Gb? :thinking:
Were they maybe ended up as being “splited” into two buckets from which one was for small size something and other for a larger one, as you’re saying you’ve had 2 buckets? :thinking:

I might be asking unrelated or weird question, but there is some experience I’ve had with Infomaniak’s OpenStack object storage, also using aws cli and some ghost files, which I couldn’t delete, neither the bucket itself :thinking:
Maybe they changed something since then, haven’t used them after.

I wonder what happens at Cloudflare R2, if it’s some kind of a similar behaviour or what else.

Thanks for sharing experiences.

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If your client doesn’t gracefully handle cancelled or failed multipart uploads, you can end up with in-progress uploads that take up storage space (in line with S3) until they are removed after 7 days (lifecycle rule) or you manually remove them (using ListMultipartUploads and then AbortMultipartUpload).

Refer to R2 not showing files - #9 by KianNH

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@KianNH, that was indeed the problem. Canceled those and the bucket showed no space used and deleted cleanly.

Thanks very much!

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