More Privacy with new WARP updates?

There was discussion before that WARP isn’t really designed for hiding IPs, depending on the location of the origin and whether or not the origin was using Cloudflare.

From yesterday’s blog post, it sounds like with the new update, now no one will be able to see a users real IP (no matter where the site is or whether they use CF), instead just a CF IP that is in the general area of the user.

Is that correct? (proxied by Cloudflare) still shows my real IP when my WARP is on. So, no. Nothing changed so far.

No one should ever expect Warp to be a privacy tool unless :logo: put a significant $$$ guarantee behind it. Yet another piss poor VPN “anonymizer” was not the end goal, so if your IP is obfuscated that is a bonus and not an end state goal.


Not exactly correct. In fact when you are a WARP+ user and you are not using HTTP/3 then you will be hidden from sites in the Cloudflare Network. I believe it’s a bug and will be fixed in the near future (hope so).

Well, I wouldn’t expect privacy for privacy itself but as a way of protection. I wouldn’t mind people to know I’m in Texas but I wouldn’t like people to know my IP. Anyway, that post is somehow misleading, but I don’t mind, I know how it is.

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