More privacy & Faster speeds, does anyone have some numbers to prove the "Speed" part? I'm interested

Hi everyone, I’m using Astrill VPN, located in China and am always on the lookout for improving my internet/download speeds.

If anyone can show me that using the (despite having a VPN) can really help my internet/download speeds, I’d be happy to keep using it knowing that it really does something.



Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver will help with faster DNS lookups, but it won’t have any impact on your maximum bandwidth or throughput. It may help pages load faster if Cloudflare’s resolver does a faster job of looking up DNS entries for links on pages, but your speed in downloading a 100MB file would likely remain unchanged.

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Can Cloudflare DNS IPs get blocked in China? If that could happen how would Cloudflare do to maintain service availability for China based customers?

For our public resolver service? Yes it could. The Chinese government controls outbound access throguh the great firewall. Cloudflare offers on multiple IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6 as well as DNS over http. So depending on the reason they could accidentally or intentionally block the service.