More possible DNS issues

We are still having a few people having trouble accessing our web site though thankfully not quite as many since switching our registration to Cloudflare and activating DNSSEC. Yesterday we had two people report issues and a third brought his to our store for us to look at.

The first person that called was directed to (NOT our IP) and received an “invalid host header” message. Once she switched her from from WiFi to mobile data she was able to connect without problems. I forgot to ask who her provider was.

The second person was directed to (again not our IP) and got a “can’t connect” message. He gets his internet from Wind Wireless.

I’m guessing these first two might be victims of DNS hijacking on their local routers, especially since the second guy reported to us today that his ISP had no problem connecting to our site.

The person who brought his laptop to our store had the most puzzling issue. His problem was that his browser kept changing into our IP address of This might not be quite so bad if it weren’t for the fact that it changed everything to JUST the IP address so if trying to access it would only go to and not meaning he could only access our home page. This occurred in every browser he had: Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I changed the DNS settings on his laptop to manual and set the DNS providers in order as,, and to see if that would solve the issue which it didn’t. His laptop was running Windows, probably version 10. Does anyone have any idea why a browser would be changing our domain name to our IP address in the address bar in the first place? This is thankfully the only person we’ve run into with this particular issue. Hopefully someone here can provide some insight that will help us solve his problem.

Lately, I’ve experienced similar bahaviour as the OP from topic below described for one of it’s customers/visitors:

Might be:

  1. ISP provider issue?
  2. Origin issue?
  3. What else? :thinking:

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