More error code history logging insight for 521, 522, 525 like errors

For most Cloudflare customers the only time we know that intermittent 521, 522 or 525 like errors occur is when we either experience them ourselves or our sites’ visitors/members report them to us.

I’d like to see in the dashboard area a timestamped event type log of past historic 521/522/525 error log occurrences and the url/hostname it occurred on. Maybe include in the log entry the RayID and visitor IP too for troubleshooting purposes.

This will help Cloudflare users in having a better insight into the health of their Cloudflare proxied site over time.

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I too believe that would be useful, maybe along with some quick debug message as to why the request failed (e.g. connection refused at origin, certificate validation failed under strict, wrong protocol, etc.).

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Might also want to include entries for logging 10xx errors too.

This is a very important suggestion.

It is a very bad feeling to be informed by your visitors that they are getting Cloudflare errors, yet there is nothing you can do to investigate it or even confirm the problem. I realize that revealing this data might make some users realize how often Cloudflare services fail (I’m not saying that is something that happens often, but it does happen), but the transparency and peace of mind would make me feel a lot more comfortable using Cloudflare.

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This is a vital feature to be able to use cloudflare.

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I am looking forward to see this report on my dashboard. I do not need visitor statistic ext. since I can see them via Google Analytics.